Monday, August 9, 2010

Dumb as a nail?

I started to take of the skins and got the millions of rusty screws out without a problem, but then realized that they are also held on by nails. What gives? Anyway, tried to take off several of the nails and it was a big pain in the butt to quickly get them off with any tool I could think of. To get around this problem I used my Dremel multimax tool to chop of the nail heads from under the top skin. A word of caution here, once you cut through the nail do not keep pressing you will go through the skin. Taking out the nails with pliers and such took a couple on minuets each , but with the Dremel each nail took about ten seconds. This thing cut through the nails like butter and I got the entire top skin off in about 30 minutes. The only downside is that I will need to use different places to nail the skin back in place as part of the nail will not be removed. I will post a video when I can.

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